Just another DC comics fan

I do not own DC comics or any of that... but I am a big fan of the bad guys and gals of the DC universe. Especially the villainesses


Villainess no. 33: Antipathy
Little is known about this red lantern but i absolutely love her design. I first saw a picture of her on the cover of red lanterns #1 and wanted to know more. It seems she’s the only other female in the corps other than Bleez and Laira(R.I.P). She makes it on the list because of her interesting look and for my fascination of the red lanterns.

Antipathy hasn’t been seen in a while but is still a member of the Red Lantern Corps


Villainess no. 34: Magpie a.k.a Margaret Pye
Female bat villains aren’t exactly common but then again, nor is Magpie. This retro styled rogue was unfortunate enough to be the first villain to go up against the combined efforts of both Batman and Superman in post-crisis history. Although she’s in no possession of any powers she’s not exactly powerless. Head of her own gang of thugs, Magpie is a tough lady with an eye for shiny goods.
Magpie died due to the second Tally Man and was briefly resurrected during the blackest night. Although she has not appeared in the New 52 yet, she has got a spot as a villain in the upcoming animated series : Beware the Batman.

Magpie still has yet to appear in the New 52 but did appear as a key villain in the series Beware The Batman with a new origin and a new name, Margaret Sorrow.


Villainess no.32: The Ventriloquist a.k.a Peyton Riley
The former fiance to hush usurped the role of The Ventriloquist after finding a blood splattered scarface at the scene of the orginal Ventriloquist’s murder. She would become a more competent criminal than Arnold Wesker ever was, even taking on not just Batman but Zatanna too! She is currently in limbo following the new 52 reboot and Arnold Wesker is the Ventriloquist once again.

Peyton Riley has yet to appear in the New 52 but has been established in the Arkham Unhinged Comics and Lil’ Gotham


Villainess No. 35: Terra a.k.a Tara Markov
Terra joined the Teen Titans with intent on betraying them to Deathstroke. She gained their trust but would later die in a fit of rage where she lost control of her powers. She was briefly resurrected during blackest night and has since returned in the new 52 where she fights alongside former lover Beast Boy monthly in The Ravagers.
With the power over earth, teenage Terra makes it onto the list mainly for tricking the teen titans into trusting her and also due to her new look in the new 52 which I think is MUCH better than pre-flashpoint.

Slight update, Terra was a main member of the comic The Ravagers.